When Considering Prostate HIFU Ablation Treatment


Make The Top Choice For All The Right Reasons:

Experience, Innovation, Teaching, Research and Individualized Care

Unsurpassed Ablation Experience

  • Over 1000 HIFU Prostate procedures: Experience is required for excellent outcomes!
  • Medical Director of Vituro Health Sarasota Prostate HIFU Program
  • Over 1100 successful prostate cryoablation procedures
  • Leader in the MRI Fusion guided HIFU
  • Inventor of the Scionti MMM (Triple M) HIFU treatment

Clinical Innovation

  • MRI Image Guided fusion HIFU focal therapy ( Scionti MMM Triple M HIFU)
  • Scionti Prostate Cancer Navigator® for the best treatment recommendation
  • Scionti Advanced HIFU Protocol® for preserving continence and potency
  • Image Fusion (Ultrasound/MRI) Guided Biopsy for the most accurate diagnosis ( Scionti MMM 

Teaching and Training

  • Medical Director for Vituro Health
  • Director of Clinical Education and Training for U.S. HIFU (prior to FDA approval)
  • National Trainer and Proctor in cryoablation
  • Faculty experience, New York University Medical School/Urology
  • Instruction presented internationally to hundreds of  professional peers


  • Physician Proctor in clinical trials of HIFU
  • Published author including books, papers and studies
  • Renowned international presenter
  • Leading contributor to the COLD Registry® data base of U.S. cryoablation results

Individualized Attention

  • Personal Availability
  • Compassionate Care
  • Tailored Treatment Plan
  • Performs His Own Procedures
  • Dedicated Follow Up
  • On site and virtaul clinic follow up care provided

Read What Patients Say:

“Then I found Dr. Scionti. I left a message on his cell phone, and he called right back. I scheduled a consultation for my wife and myself. He spent almost two hours with us, and answered every question fully. He gave me the names of 12 former HIFU patients, and I called every one. Based on their positive results, I made my decision to go with Dr. Scionti.”

“I’m very pleased that Dr. Scionti offers different treatment options and makes considered
recommendations according to the circumstances—there is not one treatment that’s right for

“I am grateful that the internet led me to Dr. Scionti. Absolutely!”

Find out if HIFU is right for you!