Is HIFU Effective?

 Dr. Uchida from Japan recently published his results from the latest generation Sonablate HIFU device using advanced treatment protocols and Tissue Change Monitoring software. (The Journal of Urology (2014), doi: 10.1016/j.juro.2014.07.096). In this series of 918 patients, the overall 10 year prostate cancer specific survival rate was 97.4%. In the group of 271patients treated with latest generation of Sonablate software, the 5-year biochemical disease free survival rate (PSA control rate) was 95% in low risk patients, 81% in intermediate risk patients and 72% in high risk patients. 93.9% of the 196 patients who had a biopsy after HIFU had no evidence of cancer on their biopsy. These results are similar to outcomes from standard prostate cancer treatments, and it is the opinion of the Scionti Prostate Center that HIFU is an effective alternative to surgery and radiation therapy, and that long-term studies will ultimately validate this opinion.

Studies from Europe and Japan also document the effectiveness of HIFU for radiation failure patients. On October 9, 2014, the FDA granted regulatory approval for Sonablate HIFU to be used for prostate ablation in the USA.

Exciting preliminary work out of London suggests that focal or targeted HIFU results in a very high rate of potency preservation and no urinary incontinence. In a series of 42 patients treated with focal HIFU targeted to tumors in the prostate, as identified by MRI and advanced biopsy techniques, 92% of men were free from clinically significant prostate cancer at 1 year. 90% of men retained erections sufficient for penetration and 100% were dry (no need for protective pads). (Ahmed et al. thelancetoncology. Vol. 13, June 2012.) Longer-term studies are underway to evaluate the long-term effectiveness rates.

Dr. Scionti offers MRI guided targeted HIFU to men with focal or regional prostate cancer. Dr. Scionti has taken a leading role in studying the outcomes of HIFU, compiling our results in total gland procedures outside of the U.S. and as part of the FDA HIFU salvage trial at NYU. As part of the Scionti Prostate Center focal HIFU program, Dr. Scionti is actively offering d focal HIFU to selected patients at Vituro Sarasota Prostate Cancer HIFU Center in Sarasota, Florida