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Posted by Dr. Stephen Scionti on Mar 19, 2016 10:43:45 AM

What is Personalized Prostate Cancer Care?

Vituro Health’s personalized prostate care program offers patients personalized programs to determine the best courses of action and treatment for their specific situations and needs.
Each patient with prostate cancer is unique, and treatment options should be just as unique in comparison. Traditional diagnostic methods define every patient’s disease the same way. This is simply not the case. The most effective treatment methods should be developed with quality of life in mind. This is why Vituro Health utilizes HIFU treatment, a minimally-invasive procedure that yields maximum efficacy with reduced recovery time and fewer side effects. HIFU is one of the only treatment options that physicians can customize for their patient. We arm our partner physicians with this precision technology and other patient-centric, concierge services to elevate the standard of care and their patients’ experiences.
“HIFU is one of the only procedures we can personalize for the patient,” said Dr. Scionti, medical director of Vituro Health. “What I mean by that is, in our diagnostic pathways we use don’t just identify whether a patient has prostate cancer or not – it’s not a yes or no question.”
“When we diagnose prostate cancer, particularly by using MRI imaging, we want to identify the exact location, size and proximity to other structures,” Dr. Scionti continued. “Where exactly does the tumor live in the prostate? Or, does is it in fact spread throughout the entire prostate? We can then use that information to custom design a treatment for our patient.”
The HIFU treatment process begins by taking the MRI picture, which shows the prostate as well as the tumor location in 3D. From there, the physician will import those MRI images into the HIFU machine and create a composite model of the prostate on the treatment machine. A treatment that is very specific for that patient is then designed so that the physician can concentrate the energy where the tumor is located. We can minimize, and at times totally avoid, interference with other structures in the prostate – and what that does – it reduces the possibility or eliminates the side effects.

At Vituro Health, our comprehensive prostate care ensures that each patient has a personalized diagnostic and treatment program. Our patient care coordinator will walk through the entire process with you as your partner. For more information on our customized prostate care management program, please call Vituro Sarasota Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence at Scionti Prostate Center at 941-702-5595

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