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Posted by Dr. Stephen Scionti on Apr 23, 2014 12:32:28 PM

Dr. Scionti has combined his vast skills and experience in treating over 1000 HIFU patients along with his unique highly defined HIFU techniques to develop the Advanced HIFU Protocol which incorporates MRI Fusion guidance

The Advanced HIFU Protocol is designed to go beyond a standard HIFU treatments by providing patients with a comprehensive approach that integrates three components necessary for a successful HIFU procedure:

1) PLANNING: Advanced diagnostic evaluation and planning. 
2) TREATMENT: MRI Fusion Guided Precise conformal treatment,
3) FOLLOWUP: Personalized patient follow up. 

1. PLANNING: Advanced Cancer Staging and Prostate Mapping: 
Insuring that HIFU is an appropriate treatment choice for you.

Step one: This is designed to ensure accurate cancer staging along with precise anatomic mapping of the prostate to ensure that HIFU is an appropriate treatment option. As part of this step, a high definition, multi parametric MRI-Scan of the prostate is recommended. It can be performed by the expert radiology centers in Sarasota. If Travel to Sarasota is not practical, there are several high quality prostate MRI centers across the USA. The MRI Scan provides precise images of the prostate that help identify the size and location of tumors. Additionally, a Power Doppler 3D Ultrasound Scan can map the prostate size, shape, density, and location of the neurovascular bundles as well as to help identify the extent, stage and location of tumors. A face-to-face consultation with Dr. Scionti at the Scionti Prostate Center in Sarasota, Florida is highly recommended.

2. TREATMENT: Advanced MRI Fusion Guided Conformal HIFU Treatment
Individualizing your HIFU based on your individual prostate cancer information.

Step two: Dr. Scionti performs an advanced precision HIFU treatment based on the patients prostate size, shape, tissue density, tumor volume, tumor location and mapping of sensitive quality of life structures. MRI images are fused to ultrasound images on the Sonablate device providing an accuarate map of the tumor. During treatment Dr. Scionti Conforms the HIFU energy to the shape and anatomy of the prostate. To ensure appropriate treatment, Dr. Scionti modulates the HIFU energy based on prostate tissue characteristics and real time feedback of treated prostate tissue utilizing the advanced TCM (Tissue Change Monitoring) features of the Sonablate HIFU device.  Lastly, to help maintain the patients quality of life, Dr. Scionti carefully controls the HIFU energy near critical quality-of-life structures including the nerve bundles to help preserve potency and the urethral apex to help reduce the risk of a urethral stricture. Similar to other prostate cancer treatments, physician experience is the most important factor in treatment success.

3. FOLLOW UP: Advanced Expert Personalized Follow up Care
Creating and guiding you through your personalized follow up plan. 

As a final step Dr. Scionti develops a unique and comprehensive post HIFU follow up plan for each patient. Dr Scionti personally monitors the recovery progress of every patient. This personalized recovery plan includes access to Dr Scionti and the Vituro Health HIFU care team.  Dr. Scionti works extensively with a patients local care provider to help achieve a speedy and effective return to normal life.

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